"We can't say enough good things about Dr.
Trinka: In the ten years that we have been going
to a chiropractor Dr. Trinka is the best hands
down. Dr. Trinka takes the time and really
listens to what your needs are. We wish there
were more Dr's like him but, after moving to
Nebraska we are finding out he is one of a kind.
Thank you for the pain free time in Arizona."

  • Chad and Lesley

By Milagros Esmilla
in the last week-
I was beyond impressed with my experience at this Goodyear Chiropractic Doctor’s office. DR. Jeffrey Trinka is far and away the BEST the Doctor I have ever met; he is extremely intelligent, compassionate and caring person, and truly outstanding Doctor; I count myself truthfully blessed to meet him; he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. DR. Trinka has my total loyalty as a patient and will continue to do so.
His staff are all I could hope for in a medical office. They are all very approachable, well-mannered and friendly.
I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Trinka to anyone that values their health and wants a doctor that’s friendly and “CARES” for his patients.
My entire experience from the first call to the moment I walked out the door was beyond optimistic. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Jeffrey Trinka.

"Dr. Trinka, what a guy! You are the backbone of

  • Curtis H

*"I have seen a minimum of 40 chiropractors over 5 states in the past 20 years.
Dr. Trinka is 1 of only 3 that has effectively addressed my back/neck pain.

Immediately upon moving to Arizona a few years ago I began the search for relief- after a couple false starts,
I found Goodyear Chiropractic.
Friendly staff, great price, no appointment required, but most of all- the headaches are no more!
Thank you,
James Wyatt"*

"Dr. Trinka is the best by far. Every visit, he
gives star treatment. This Dr. is definitely
worth traveling to. I would highly recommend

  • Sandra

"Kyle Voelker
2 months ago
I came in about 2 months ago and couldn't lift my shoulder past a 90 degree angle, it took a few sessions and a lot of ice but Dr. Legg got my shoulder back working with full range of motion! So thankful for what they've done for me in the past few months and am glad to be back to where I want to be!"

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Glenice D.
Casselton, ND
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5.0 star rating 1/19/2015
I arrived in Tempe, AZ after 5 days traveling from ND. We were forced to take a few more days getting here due to my back pain and the inability to sit very long. I went to Dr. Legg upon arriving here due to my intense pain. Dr. Legg knew almost immediately what was wrong due to my symptoms. He worked on the back pain and truly I had so much relief even after one treatment. In ND, I had several tests because of cardiac symptoms, but after xrays, it was found that I had some disc's out in the thorasic area that has everything to do with the GI track. This was corrected and I haven't had the need to take Tums since we arrived here, nor have I experienced any chest pains! I had polio as a child and always had pain in my left leg and knee. The left leg was shorter than the right. Dr. Legg adjusted my left knee, ankle and leg. This is truly a miracle for me! I can walk so much better, now taking steps without pain in my left knee. My back has improved to were I don't have any pain many days. This was the best Christmas gift a person could receive! I feel as though I was the receiver of a Christmas Miracle. I have been a nurse for 42 years and my wish is everyone suffering from any acute or chronic pain, make a call and receive as assessment! You will be truly amazed! I am now bringing my sister from Sun City to see Dr. Legg as she has had severe back pain off and on for a few years. She already, after just 2 treatments, is improving! I can't believe as a nurse I didn't follow Chiropractic services to keep my body balanced and in good alignment. We are never to old to start! Thank you Dr. Legg for giving me the chance to live life again! I will forever continue to use this service!